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Web-based financial software & financing expertise for renewable energy

Web-based financial software & financing expertise for renewable energies - structure, manage and market your investments in wind energy, photovoltaics, hydropower and biomass!


With green[::]match you can structure, manage and transact your investments in wind energy, photovoltaics, hydropower and biomass reliably and efficiently. Digitalise and optimise your transaction and asset management processes with our software and services:

  • Valuation: Efficient and reliable project evaluation

Valuation is a certified and web-based financial modeling software for renewable energies. Thanks to the standardised financial model, unnecessary discussions about calculation methods are obsolete. Even the most complex project structures can be modeled, simulated and aggregated into a portfolio in a short time. So far, more than 1,700 green[::]match projects from around the globe have already been evaluated and shared via Valuation.

  • Asset Controlling: Monitor & optimise financial performance 

With the help of the Asset Controlling tool, you can keep a constant eye on your projects throughout their life cycle, optimise them and thus increase their returns. The intuitive overview about all target and actual figures for your projects also provides you with a wide range of reporting options.

  • Marketplace: Buy and sell projects 

Benefit now from the green[::]match network, off-market with individual matchmaking or via our public digital marketplace, through which transactions worth 400 million EUR have been processed to date.

  • Services: Consult expertise 

With our tailor-made consulting services, you will be closely supported throughout the entire project life cycle and are at the right address with us for all questions concerning the financing of your projects.

Our team offers highly specific expertise and many years of experience in project financing and optimisation of renewable energies (at project and portfolio level). 

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