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TOPseven combines autonomous, drone based and visual rotor blade and tower inspections for on- and offshore wind turbines with non-contact lightning protection testing - fast, exact, and efficient.


Drones are increasingly being used as an alternative to climbers for the inspection of wind turbines. TOPseven takes drone technology to a new level: With the aid of proprietary softare, our drones fly autonomously, document damage amd detect defects in lightning protection.

While drones can improve this situation, they usually have to be flown by specialists and generate images that are difficult to analyse. 

TOPseven has perfected drone deployment for on- and offshore wind turbines using its own AI-based control and analysis solution. Commercially available industrial drones use our software to fly along automatically calculated flight paths in a completely autonomous manner and generate exact, coherent images of high and consistent quality independent of weather and light conditions.

  • Minimum training required: Independent AI-controlled monitoring of the autonomous drone enables flight without the use of specialised pilots. Industry standard compliant damage characterisation analysis and reporting in the AI-based TOPseven-Cloud.
  • Fast & flexible: The turbine only needs to be stopped once for the optical inspection of all rotor blades, the tower, and the lightning protection system. In the event of downtime due to weather conditions, the drone automatically continues the inspection from exactly the same position with no loss of time.
  • Simple & transparent: All damage is recorded with exact positional data. Long term life-cycle observation at the same location produce historic comparative images that enable the observation of the development of anomalies or repair.
  • Efficient analysis: The AI-controlled camera delivers seamless, high quality images of four sides of the rotor blades with minimal overlaps.
  • Unique, worldwide patented lightning protection mensuration: In just a few minutes the drone inspects the lightning protection system without coming into contact with it. Special sensors detect defects and can localize any interruptions exactly.

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