Monsson Operation GmbH

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Your global service partner in the renewable energy market

Monsson Operation GmbH delivers a complete package of managed services for renewable assets, with a strong focus on onshore wind farms and solar power plants.


As part of a selected group of companies which are all acting in the renewable energy market within well-defined fields, Monsson Operation GmbH is able to provide added value for a wide range of services either with own or group resources.

Installation for onshore wind turbines

The installation service may consider the supply of installation teams or the supply of both installation teams and crane services. In some cases, special transport can also be considered for taking over a turnkey project.

Operation and maintenance for onshore wind turbines

As the core service of Monsson, the O&M category includes the delivery of full or limited service agreements, as well as of selected stand-alone services. Such services include preventive and corrective maintenance, service and troubleshooting, blades and other rope access works, gearbox video-endoscopy and gearbox oil exchange, condition monitoring through vibration analysis, and inspection of wind turbine equipment.

EPC and operation and maintenance for solar power plants

The solar PV is a strong developed division within Monsson which is able to provide a wide range of services. It all starts with EPC contracts and continues with O&M and various other analysis, inspection and calibration services aimed to ensure a smooth operation of the solar power plant.

Remote monitoring for renewable assets

With two privately-owned remote monitoring and dispatch centers, Monsson is able to actively monitor 24/7 renewable power plants and transformer stations, and provide remote control, data analysis, as well as on-site teams coordination and support.

GWO and other industry trainings

Monsson’s Renewable Energy School of Skills is the largest privately-owned training facility in South-Eastern Europe, fully certified and supported by BZEE and GWO. Currently, the facility provides various and complex training modules for both onshore and offshore technicians, with new trainings being periodically developed and implemented.