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Connected Wind Services Deutschland GmbH

Mühlenberg 19DE25873Rantrum
Phone:+49 (0)4848 90 128-0
Fax:+49 (0)4848 90 128-22
Service & Maintenance – Large component exchange – Up-tower repairs – Spare parts

Connected Wind Services. Your independent, global service partner for basic or full maintenance, complex large component replacements, up-tower repairs, or short-notice spare parts supplies.


Connected Wind Services - progress and innovation since 1987.

We are exploring new ways to optimise the operation of wind turbines in order to support the transition to sustainable energy.

With over 30 years of experience, Connected Wind Services is one of the leading independent service providers in the renewable energy sector. We are a top quality single-source provider of everything involved in the maintenance of wind turbines.

Maintenance and servicing are indispensable for the most efficient operation of wind turbines and wind farms. Our core competencies include maintenance and repairs to the base, tower, and rotors as well as the internal components, such as generators and gearboxes, the replacement and provision of spare parts and the refurbishment (repowering) of complete turbines, in addition to retrofitting and fault clearing. However, it is not necessary to wait until the damage has already occurred before repairing turbines: innovative methods, such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, e.g., of wind turbine drive trains, can significantly minimise downtimes and major damage.

We always tailor our solutions and service concepts to reduce downtime and ensure longevity, maximum yields, and resource conservation.

We want to be a driving force for positive change. Having a strong local presence and guided by the principles of trust and transparency, our clients can rely on us. We see ourselves as your professional partner who continuously monitors the condition and performance of your turbines - to ensure that wind is always our strength.

more data:
  • Founded: 1987
  • Sales: 9,7 Mio. € in Deutschland / 29,5 Mio. € in der Gruppe of which wind energy: 9,7 Mio. € in Deutschland / 29,5 Mio. € in der Gruppe
  • Employees: 70+ in Deutschland / 180+ in der Gruppe of which wind energy: 70+ in Deutschland / 180+ in der Gruppe