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Double benefit for the wind energy sector

BIL - The nationwide information system for power line enquiries offers twice the benefit for the wind energy sector.


Germany's nationwide information system for pipeline inquiries, BIL, provides a centralized inquiry portal for those carrying out construction activities and for operators of wind power plants. Some 375,000 inquiries coming from nearly 28,000 users have been successfully processed by the BIL portal.

By participating in the BIL process, operators of wind power plants can significantly improve the safety of their grid feed-in. Since the topographic distance between the generating plant and the feeding point is often long, it is particularly important for pipeline operators to be clearly identified by those pursuing construction activities in order to avoid pipeline damage. Especially operators that are less widely known benefit from the large number of inquiries coming from pipeline companies as it gives them a better overview of the construction activities planned in the area of their pipeline infrastructure.

In response to online user inquiries, the BIL process returns a positive and negative list. The relevant operators are automatically identified by the query process. The remaining inquiries will not reach the pipeline operators, significantly reducing the time and effort spent processing irrelevant inquiries. This marked reduction in negative responses that need to be issued makes the BIL fee well worthwhile even for small grid operators. BIL offers a special set of fees tailored to the wind power sector.

BIL is an initiative of pipeline operators in Germany organized as a cooperative and the first to provide an online inquiry portal free of charge in Germany. Its goal is to increase the safety of pipeline networks by establishing a single point of entry for inquiries. To date, nearly 100 companies participate in the BIL portal.

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