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With the power of wind: on- and offshore project development & operational management

Green Wind Energy GmbH is part of the Green Wind Group with its headquarters in Berlin and offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus. GWE develops projects in Germany and Denmark with expertise and commitment.


Green Wind is a group of independent wind energy companies headquartered in Berlin-Mitte, with offices in Denmark and projects in Germany and Scandinavia. Green Wind operates independently for the international market.

The Green Wind Group operates as an umbrella company based on three stable pillars: wind energy project development, technical and commercial management for onshore wind turbines and substations as well as maintenance management and monitoring of technical facilities for offshore power generation. All this is flanked by the aid of greenwind control, a standalone, state-of-the-art control room that operates on a 24/7 basis.

Green Wind was founded ten years ago by Martin Kühl and Manuel Lasse, a wind-power pioneer and a technology specialist. Driven by the power of wind, Green Wind has successfully established itself as an independent company within the market. The company’s continuous growth is enabled by its 50 or so employees, who use their wind expertise to turn exciting ideas into reality, whether on- or offshore in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. Repowering is one of the company's key policies.

Repowering increases efficiency
Repowering – in other words, replacing an older and smaller turbine with a new one – is now a worthwhile strategy for many wind farms that were built more than ten years ago, as it can extend the service life of an existing power station and increase its efficiency by three to five times. Moreover, EU subsidies for many turbines over 20 years old will expire as of the end of 2020. A wave of dismantling, efficient continued operations and repowering is heading towards Germany, which must be exploited effectively to achieve government climate targets. Green Wind meets this challenge with the aid of data-based calculation tools for potential continuing operations, repowering checks as well as experienced and proven project development experience.

Repowering – yes or no?
What are the benefits of repowering for the operator? In the best-case scenario, fewer turbines and an increased rated output, better integration with the power grid, and lower maintenance costs. Should the operator conclude, on the basis of all available data and facts, that repowering is an economically viable option, Green Wind will help with the implementation, from the preliminary research and approval procedures through to implementation and operation, as well as the technical and commercial management.

Energy yield doubled
Green Wind can point to a number of relevant reference projects which have been successfully planned and implemented in the interest of the operator, the largest of which is the Vormark/Prignitz wind farm (Groß Pankow), where Green Wind dismantled 14 existing old turbines and constructed 14 new ones at the same site, as well as a separate transformer station. The new facilities were erected within three months and the original 21 megawatts of rated output were upped to 48.3 megawatts, which means that the energy yield was more than doubled as a result of repowering.

Market growth in Denmark
Due to the market growth in Denmark, Green Wind project development has been required to prepare and implement repowering projects at approximately 30 sites in Germany since 2019 (mostly in suitable or priority areas), in which Danish operators in particular hold shares. More projects are currently being planned or are going through the approval process at various locations in Brandenburg and Lower Saxony.

Hydrogen will also be included in the future
Green Wind is also working on an innovative concept for Pritzwalk/Giesendorf, which may involve the repowering of old hydrogen production plants that could be fed in and utilised in a decentralised manner.

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  • Founded: 2008
  • Employees: 56