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Expanding local self-sufficiency

Development, planning, implementation, and operation of wind farms and other renewable energy systems with a focus on fair and social participation projects.


Trust, responsibility, reliability: this is how the MLK Group broke into the ranks of the top 10 German wind farm developers in 2021. The group relies on transparency from the first concept to the dismantling of the plant, collaborates with partners as equals and involves local residents.

Managing Director Heinrich Lohmann has been working in the wind energy sector for over 30 years and has implemented projects throughout Europe. Ever since the MLK Group was founded, he has been promoting a corporate strategy aimed at involving all stakeholders of a given project. After all, sustainability also involves social aspects that urgently need to be taken into account.

Gaining a balanced participation of local residents is very important to MLK: measures such as the MLK citizens’ savings scheme provide local stakeholders with a three per cent interest return per year. The MLK Group provides electricity to the neighbours of the wind farms and often undercuts the prices of the cheapest electricity suppliers with their local electricity tariff. All neighbouring communities should benefit from the local project.

The company also initiates crowdfunding campaigns, promotes the welfare of nursery school children, supports local sports, and gets involved in local social activities.

Committed to holistic sustainability

In collaboration with competent partners, the MLK Group is always on the lookout for tailor-made solutions such as how best to create added value at the local level. The project developers involve all interest groups in the planning at an early stage and pay close attention to the framework conditions to ensure that a project is implemented in a way that is compatible with people and nature.

The fact that the shareholders retain a majority stake in new projects demonstrates their commitment to the region as well as their long-term interest in smart climate protection projects over their entire lifespan.

more data:
  • Founded: 2005
  • Employees: 65 of which wind energy: 50