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Lintas Green Energy GmbH

Alter Stadthafen 3BDE26122Oldenburg
Phone:+49 (0) 441 92 51 39-250
Fax:+49 (0) 441 92 51 39 -29
Lintas – Project Future

Lintas Green Energy is an interdisciplinary project development and consulting company: whether it is integrated energy systems, hydrogen, PV or wind, we take a holistic approach to power generation.


Our expertise lies in sustainable, integrated energy concepts. For many years, we have seen renewable energies as an opportunity for developing business locations, because we believe that public acceptance requires shared goals by companies, municipalities, and local communities.

Lintas Green Energy partners with municipalities to help them create their own wind farms. We also create sustainable, highly self-sufficient supply concepts for industry and local large-scale consumers. Our services cover everything from project development and construction to operational management. We differ in our approach because we place a particular focus on local value creation as well as on economically, technically, and legally viable local energy concepts.

Suddenly it’s all about energy – and nothing happens without energy.

We Europeans are being forced to rethink energy due to climate change and the loss of Russia as a supplier of raw materials. What we are also seeing is something that has long been invisible to many people, namely that oil and gas not only provide energy, but are also the raw materials needed to produce the items we use in our daily lives, to build our houses and the parts we use to produce our cars.

It can only work if we work together

To achieve broad public acceptance, people need to feel tangible local benefits of renewable energy projects. This is where the Lintas Green Energy team comes in. We always begin the development of our wind and solar power projects with the question of local benefits. Consumer needs and requirements are usually very specific and depend on local conditions. Working in collaboration reveals new perspectives and ways to get rising costs under control and to secure jobs and prosperity.

Recognising and exploiting opportunities

We must push ahead with the energy transition - if we take the interests of the municipalities and the local people into account, it will be easier to gain a broad majority for the necessary changes. It is time for action.