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Shaping the future with renewable energy

Promoting wind power in Europe as a fundamental contribution to climate protection and sustainability – with this goal Alterric enters the market as a powerful, experienced and reliable partner.


New wind energy for a climate-neutral energy future: Since spring 2021, the Aloys Wobben Foundation, the sole shareholder of ENERCON, and EWE AG have been pooling their many years of experience in onshore wind energy in the Alterric joint venture. 

Thirty years ago, the wind energy pioneers ENERCON and EWE used their combined strength to implement projects with a lighthouse effect on the industry. One of these was the Pilsum wind farm in 1989. With a total output of three megawatts, it was among the largest energy revolution projects in the world at the time. In the following decades, the Aloys Wobben Foundation and EWE both developed successful companies for the development and operation of wind power on land. In March 2021, both turned these divisions into one cooperating company: Alterric GmbH, headquartered in Aurich in northern Germany.

Sustainable wind expansion

Alterric develops, plans and operates onshore wind farms. With 2,300 megawatts of installed capacity in their operation, Alterric is one of the largest generators of renewable energy in central Europe. The pipeline for new wind projects comprises more than 9,400 megawatts. Alterric believes that climate targets in Europe can only be achieved through more intensive expansion of wind energy onshore. With this perspective, more than 200 experienced experts are driving the expansion toward 100-percent renewable energies. “This is how Alterric wants to make a significant contribution to climate protection, sustainability and the conservation of the planet,” explains Dr Urban Keussen, board member at EWE AG and Managing Director of Alterric .

Strong and reliable wind experts

To achieve these goals, Alterric is bringing over 30 years of experience in the wind business, solid credit, high technical standards and skills in the economics of energy. Alterric also boasts committed employees with teams who have the energy revolution in their very DNA. They bring profound knowledge to every aspect of wind energy work in the planning and development phases and comprehensive expertise for the technical and commercial sides of operation.

Even more value comes from the Alterric team’s remarkable interdisciplinary knowledge. Whether it’s technical innovation, network connections, energy trading, electricity storage systems or the broad spectrum of expanded green energy applications through sector coupling, at Alterric you will meet experts who take a holistic approach to the renewable energy future.

Things run smoothly with Alterric

Alterric offers you everything in one place when it comes to wind turbines – planning, building and operation. And there’s more: Whether it’s acquiring property, opening tender processes, taking over project development risks, repowering or investment models, the opportunities for customised and productive cooperation are manifold.

Alterric solutions promote the energy revolution in communities and create  offerings to energy suppliers and industries. They also support project companies in the complex market environment. For wind energy entrepreneurs who want to devote themselves to other projects, Alterric offers the option to take over existing rights or wind farms. Alterric also plans and builds wind energy projects independently of manufacturers. The optimal type of plant is chosen for each location after thorough analysis.

Partner on equal footing

With its ambitious expansion path, Alterric wants to shape a successful energy revolution in Germany and Europe. The company and its teams will stick to their values that made the wind business of the two mother companies into success stories. Reliability, transparency, continuity, and equitable relationships.

If you are looking for a successful and trustworthy partnership, Alterric is ready for you. Contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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