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Holzweg 87DE26605Aurich
Phone:+49 (0)4941 6041100
Powering a Green Future

Alterric wants to shape the future of energy systems. We want to drive forward RES as core elements for more climate protection, security of energy supplies, as well as sustainability.


Alterric plans, develops, and manages onshore wind farms. With an installed capacity of 2,400 megawatts, we are one of the largest green energy producers in central Europe. Furthermore, our pipeline of projects consists of over more than 9,000 megawatts.

More than 300 industry experts share our mission of condemning climate change by working on our onshore wind energy projects. “Alterric wants to significantly contribute to climate protection, sustainability, security of energy supply, as well as the preservation of the environment. Our values derive from our commitment to a full transition to renewable energies. Responsibility, ambition, passion, transparency, and our commitment to partnerships at eye level are enshrined in our DNA.”, states Dr. Frank May, Alterric’s Managing Director.

Experienced and Reliable Experts

Alterric is a strong partner, with a proud thirty-year history in the wind business. Beyond that, we are looking at stable creditworthiness and highly sophisticated technical standards, whilst having extensive expertise in our fields of business.

Be it technical innovation, grid connection, energy trading, storage, or our broad spectrum of expanded green power applications through integrated energy, Alterric offers a wide range of interdisciplinary experience.

Smooth Operations with Alterric

Alterric plans, builds, and operates wind energy plants – all within the same enterprise. Furthermore, we handle land acquisitions, ITTs, assumption of development risks, repowering or shareholder models. The possibilities of cooperation with us are broad. Alterric believes in the encouragement of dialogue in order to enhancing the acceptance of wind energy within communities.

Our individually designed projects are convincing business partners, local decision makers, and approving authorities, as well as community members as their new neighbors.

We work with a variety of wind turbine manufacturers, and always carry out an in-depth analysis to find out the best technical solution for each project.

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  • Founded: 2021
  • Employees: more than 300