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Independent – Innovative – Competent

As an innovative project developer for renewable energies you will benefit from our expertise in everything from planning to operational management in the wind energy, photovoltaics and biogas sectors. 

As an innovative project developer, we plan and implement sustainable energy concepts in the area of renewable energies: with our corporate network we are prepared to meet any and all challenges.

Founded by the current Managing Partners Dr. Andreas Möller and Thomas Knieling in 2007, ABICON GmbH provides expert support throughout every project development phase from site acquisition to commissioning for operational service as well as commercial and technical operational management with a focus on wind energy, photovoltaics and biogas.

Our project development operations are based on four principles:

  • The inclusion of all project stakeholders and open communications
  • Rapid project implementation and bespoke solutions
  • Absolute transparency throughout the project development phase
  • Contact person throughout the project and beyond

With the implementation of the world's most sophisticated environmental management system, EMAS, we undertake to ensure the continuous improvement of our operational environmental services beyond what is prescribed by the relevant legislation. ABICON GmbH’s primary objective is to develop economically sustainable concepts that increase regional added value, whereby our team views itself a facilitator, whose role is to liaise with the authorities, land owners, energy suppliers, communities, the public and investors. In this spirit, we see environmental conservation and renewable energies as going hand-in-hand rather than being diametrically opposed.

ABICON GmbH and its shareholder GP JOULE have been collaborating in a strategic partnership since 2015 with the aim of achieving the best possible implementation of existing projects and dealing with future challenges. A steadily growing team of agricultural engineers, geographers and environmental specialists are working together to achieve the ABICON vision – the continuous expansion of renewable energies for a clean environment.

more data:
  • Founded: 2007
  • Employees: 17