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Direct marketer from the very beginning, experienced, inovative and independent

The services of the in.power group: Whether it is direct marketing, meter operation, remote control, continued operation or regional green electricity products for end users – we are your partner!


As a pioneer in direct marketing, the in.power group offers numerous services. Whether it is direct marketing, meter operation, continued operation or regional green electricity products for end users – we are your partner!

Based in Mainz, the in.power group has been active in the direct marketing of renewable and environmentally friendly energies since 2006 as one of the first companies in Germany. The company name is derived from “independent power” and is an expression of the explicit independence of the company. in.power GmbH has various subsidiaries that offer a wide range of services related to direct marketing.

in.power metering GmbH is an independent meter operator for renewables and for commercial users. Apart from online data logging and an in-house web portal that allows you to view all relevant data and the profit generated for each unit, the subsidiary also provides for remote control.

The subsidiary grün.power supplies green electricity regionally and nationally, based on simultaneous full supply from solar, wind, and hydropower. This form of distributing green electricity to end users also offers new opportunities for the continued operation of units after the 20-year compensation through the EEG.

in.power optimise GmbH offers innovative full services for optimising consumption forecasts (day ahead, intraday) for large commercial and industrial customers to minimise the risks and costs associated with balancing energy. It does so on the basis of calibrated online metering technology and intelligent consumption forecast models.

in.power balance GmbH will soon be responsible for the field of balancing energy derived from wind turbines and PV systems.

in.power network GmbH is a platform for joint ventures that offers a range of services and direct market access to market partners. It is also a highly specialised incubator for new, innovative subsidiaries. A first example is max.power GmbH, a joint venture of the construction company Max Bögl and in.power network GmbH.

more data:
  • Founded: 2006
  • Employees: ca. 15