RECASE Regenerative Energie GmbH

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RECASE – Engineering Services for Wind Industry

RECASE is an engineering company with expertise and experience in on- and offshore wind industry  in Europe and overseas.


Development of wind turbines, projects and components. Individual solutions for the professional integration of third-party systems in WTG's (e.g. BNK, fire detection and extended data acquisition). Offshore engineering solutions for WTGs, foundation, substation and operation

RECASE Regenerative Energien GmbH has been active in the market for 8 years and has since then successfully supported numerous on- and offshore projects in Germany and worldwide. A team with decades of experience in the wind industry, technical expertise and methodical competence is available for our customers. Our clients and customers are operators of  wind farms, manufacturers of wind turbines and their components, energy suppliers and investors in renewable energy projects.

Our main topics are:

  • Development of electrical systems for wind turbines and wind farms (on-/offshore)
  • Consulting and engineering for the grid connection of projects
  • Engineering and integration of third party systems in WTGs, e.g. BNK, fire alarm systems, etc.

For each of these customer segments we offer an individually defined service package. RECASE acts solution-oriented and on an equal footing with all parties involved.

Examples from our field of activity:

  • Development of the first commercially usable transponder BNK system. Within the company consortium "Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH", RECASE has played a decisive role in the marketable integration of the system into the wind turbines.
  • Planning and implementation of the electrical system of the "nezzy²" floating offshore WTG. Our electrical engineering experts, together with the client and suppliers, specified the sensor technology and control of the prototype in theory and practice
  • In cooperation with "Auctoritec GmbH" and "morewind GmbH" we offer continued operation tests for WT operation beyond the design life time of  20 years. Here RECASE applies its expertise in the analysis of SCADA data but also of supplementary meteorological data.

The RECASE team is available at your disposal to discuss and sharpen engineering tasks and to develop a technically and economically optimal solution.