Gram & Juhl GmbH

Technologiepark 4DE26129Oldenburg
Phone:+49 (0)441 779 313 45

Gram & Juhl is a world leading supplier of CMS. With close to 25,000 wind turbines embedded with the TCM® technology, Gram & Juhl has set new standards within preventive and predictive maintenance. 


Gram & Juhl's TCM® (Turbine Condition Monitoring) system and services optimizes maintenance of wind farms all over the world. Now TCM® is also offered as a Cloud solution. 

Predict the future and get a complete overview of your turbines.

Gram & Juhl has over 20 years of expertise in monitoring and analysing wind turbines and turning data into decision-supporting information. With the help of machine learning Gram & Juhl can foresee when turbine components are malfunctioning and need maintenance − before they actually do.

New innovative Cloud platform

TCM® Cloud is Gram & Juhl’s newest service in our ongoing focus providing the best tools for wind farm owners. TCM® Cloud is a software as a service offering flexibility, collaboration, and a low entry cost for all wind farm owners.

The TCM® Cloud service is a platform from where users can handle their wind fleet with all the tools included in the service for performing turbine condition monitoring. With the facilities of the TCM® Cloud the user will be able to issue their own internal “recommended actions” for their wind turbines, enabling organizations to plan for services and repairs, and ordering of spare parts with as much lead time as possible, which in the end will benefit operational expenses.

The TCM® Cloud Platform offers the possibility to collaborate internally, as well as externally with Gram & Juhl, if Gram & Juhl is to perform daily monitoring of the turbines. The user can adjust the service(s) when the fleet or strategy changes, as the platform allows for upscaling and downscaling depending on the current need, and Gram & Juhl takes care of the hosting of software and the data.

more data:
  • Founded: 1997
  • Employees: 35 of which wind energy: 35