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Zero Carbon Transition as a Service

ENGIE is all about "Zero Carbon" and the transition to climate neutrality. In wind and photovoltaics, we are nr. 1 in France. We offer efficient energy solutions to companies and local authorities. 


The energy market is fast moving. With ENGIE you have a competent and solid partner at your side. Take advantage of our broad experience for your projects, the operation and marketing of your plants or to optimise your wind farm in terms of revenue.

At ENGIE everything revolves around "Zero Carbon" and the transition to climate neutrality. To this end, we develop efficient customer solutions for companies and local authorities. And this is what our diverse renewable generation activities are geared towards. With 2.3 GW of wind and 1.1 GW of solar energy, ENGIE is the number one in France for wind onshore and solar. Every day we are one step closer to our goal of becoming the largest provider of green PPAs.

Working with an experienced partner pays off

For project development, we combine our experience from our long-standing partnerships with local utilities in Berlin, Gera, Saarbrücken and Wuppertal with the comprehensive technical expertise of a world market leader in renewable energies. We are not only interested in developing a wind farm, but we also think about its later operation from the very beginning. This serious and forward-looking planning pays off in the long run.

As operators of almost 300 MW wind turbines in five federal states, we know all the levers to optimise commercial and technical management. In the background we have the experience of the ENGIE group with its 2,500 wind turbines at different locations and from different manufacturers. The group's test and material laboratory and technical experts provide all the necessary information for the best possible operation.

The ENGIE Renewable Energy Control Centre ensures the remote control and safety of 100 wind farms and 17 solar energy plants with a total of 825 wind turbines and 105,000 solar collectors in France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Romania and the Netherlands. The digital platform "Darwin" is used to manage all data of our renewable energy plants.

As one of the largest players in the electricity market, ENGIE Energy Management manages a direct marketing portfolio of 3,500 MW, including onshore and offshore wind farms and solar parks. Our central trading platform in Brussels is manned around the clock and has access to all European electricity markets, from forwards to the intraday market.

New perspectives for wind farms after the expiry of the fixed feed-in tariff

We are there for you when it comes to finding the best solution for your wind farm after the EEG subsidy expires.

If you want to continue operating your wind farm yourself and generate calculable income, a long-term supply contract (PPA) with ENGIE is the right option. This also applies to owners of new plants who prefer marketing outside the scope of EEG support. Our offer includes fixed prices as well as indexed prices and floor structures, depending on your risk profile. The term is usually 1-10 years.

If you do not want to bear the risk and complexity of continuing operation, but would like to realise the profit now, we will buy your old plants and continue to operate them.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us:

Dr. Turang Ahadi-Oskui
Bereichsleiter Betrieb erneuerbare Energien 
ENGIE Deutschland GmbH 
T +49 30 915810220 

Katrin Fuhrmann
Global Markets 
ENGIE Energy Management 
T +49 221 46905-551 

ENGIE Group in figures 

  • Over 800 sites with renewable energies worldwide
  • 33,600 employees in the renewable energy sector
  • 24.8 GW of renewable capacity
    o of which 16.5 GW hydropower
    o 5.4 GW wind energy, of which 3,600 MW in Europe
    o 2.2 GW solar energy
    o 0.7 GW biomass/biogas

  • Expansion of 9 GW planned by 2021, thereof 3.5 GW in Europe
  • 8 GW in direct marketing in Europe
  • Present on all major European trading platforms
  • Best credit rating