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Combining aviation safety and acceptance by residents

Sustainable lighting systems with a life cycle support guarantee across the entire lifespan of a turbine. Cloud-based networks for retrofitting night-time identification systems in wind farms. 


Acceptance by residents and aviation safety are two outstanding tasks for the wind energy sector – and they are not incompatible. Lanthan produces products that impress in terms of their durability, sustainability, and local acceptance. 

For 20 years, the core competence of the Lanthan companies and their 70 employees has been the development, production and planning of airborne obstruction lights, lighting systems and demand-controlled night-time identification systems for on- and offshore use around the world. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes bespoke solutions for all requirements and markets.

Our passion for the challenges faced by our customers is what makes us unique. Our engineering team develops flexible solutions and provides support until the goal is reached.

Minimising costs through sustainability: We have never discontinued a product, because we develop them for long life and reparability, and even keep older product lines updated. We rework every returned lamp to produce an as-new replacement at a favourable price.

Acceptance by residents as a challenge: One of Lanthan's key areas of expertise is the development of solutions that help gain local acceptance. Our beacons shine only as brightly as necessary. The ARC-SIRIL, for example, is a modification of existing beacons with reduced visibility from the ground, whilst maintaining the same level of aviation safety. With special permission, the system can be used in Germany.

We have been pursuing the development of demand-controlled night-time identification systems, which are based on transponder signals, ever since the company was founded and have been working towards its introduction for many years – successfully: Lanthan Safe Sky GmbH was founded in April 2020. With over 20 employees, the company is working on implementing demand-controlled night-time identification systems, the first of which has been recognised under the new administrative regulations. Lanthan Safe Sky builds on the expertise of the three participating companies RECASE, AirAvionics and Lanthan.

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  • Founded: 2004
  • Employees: 50 of which wind energy: 40