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Our system reliably ensures the automatic supply of grease to many components of wind turbines such as main shaft bearings, generator bearings, pitch bearings and yaw bearings. We provide our customers not only the products but also the all-round equipment health management, as well as Training of lubrication management, Tour inspection and maintenance, Technical upgrading and renovation, Oil testing and analysis, Lubrication test and analysis.

As a professional manufacturer in centralized lubrication system, Autol products have been applied for more than 100 domestic and overseas technology patents, which have been widely used in the applications like commercial vehicles, wind power generation, construction machinery, metallurgy, port machinery, etc.

Suplub-W Intelligent CLS

Suplub-W CLS for wind turbines provides two lubrication solutions: integrated single-line CLS and progressive CLS.


• New-type integrated single-line distributor unit has the features of uneasy blockage in the hoses and the reduction of the low fault rate of the system.

• Auxiliary unloading valve with patented technology effectively solves the unloading problem caused by the long distance of grease supply and high viscosity grease.

• Lube point amount and grease output flow rate can be adjusted as required.

• Every lube point is connected to the single-line distributor unit with separate integrated indicators, which can real-time display the lubrication state of grease points.


Centralized Lubrication Systems and Waste Grease Collection System.

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Lubricants & lubrication systems
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