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Many companies have been relying on Friedberg products for more than 135 years.

What started as a business providing screws for the mining industry has grown into an extensive range of high grade connecting and fastening systems. Our past is not simply tradition but grown and combined expertise in a technology that is now used in many fields worldwide. Friedberg connecting systems can be found in steel and building constructions, in the automotive industry, in industrial engineering, as well as in the field of new technologies. Friedberg is also the leading company for connecting technology used in the wind energy industry.

The lead we have is particularly noticeable here: utmost resistance, lasting stability capable of withstanding wind and weather as well as standing up to tremendous force. Relying on the carrying capacity of our AF products has tradition. The employees in our company convert this trust into dynamic productivity and develop intelligent products and systems with enthusiasm that are then manufactured with the most modern technology available.

Our plants in four different locations employ a staff of ca. 450. We not only produce simple fasteners, but manufacture service life, safety, quality and confidence! Those are our strengths. Our industrial know-how is certified, documented and quality managed throughout, because wind turbines have literally been kept together by our bolts and fasteners for a long time. Apart from offering a wide range of products for many industrial sectors we are especially proud to be one of the leading producers of safety and fastening elements for the wind industry.

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