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  • Description

Specifically serving project development and operating companies in the renewable energy sector, AURELO develops the industry software package Energy Park Manager.

  • Commercial management
    -  Turbine information system
    -  Contract management
    -  Settling of accounts
    -  Incoming invoice processing (workflow-driven)
    -  Commercial analysis/simulations with freely configurable time frames
    -  Figures, data, facts
  • Finances/Invoicing/Controlling
    -  Financial and equipment accounting (especially for groups of companies with many operators)
    -  Liquidity management
    -  Target/performance comparisons
    -  Management of fixed term deposits/loans
    -  Central cash management
    -  Balancing according to Commercial Code, tax law, IFRS
    -  Optional: Datev interface
    -  Controlling of all operating companies
  • Investor management/accounting (optional)
    -  e.g. for community wind farms
    -  Central master data management
    -  Monitoring from design through to receipt of payment
    -  Determination/processing of dividend payouts
    -  Capital account management
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    -  Contacts
    -  Tasks
    -  Responsibilities
    -  Appointments
    -  Online documents
  • Projects
    -  Planning
    -  Budgets
    -  Expenses
    -  Accounting
    -  Tasks
    -  Appointments
    -  Responsibilities

A d v a n t a g e s:

  • All features in one unified system
  • Coherent, intuitive user experience for all screens in the user interface
  • Central database (MS SQL Server)
  • Saves time: no duplicated input or workflows
  • Investment security:
    Uses global market leading business software (MS Dynamics NAV)


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