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ABICON GmbH was founded in 2007 and is today run by managing shareholders Dr Andreas Möller and Thomas Knieling. It offers its expertise across all phases of project development, from site acquisition to commissioning, with a focus on wind energy and photovoltaics. ABICON GmbH also provides support for commercial and technical management.

Our work as project developers is based on four principles:

-          - Inclusion of all project participants and open communication

-          - Fast project implementation and individual solutions

-          - Absolute transparency in project development

-          - Contact partners throughout the project duration and beyond

By implementing the world's most sophisticated environmental management system, EMAS, we undertake to continuously improve our environmental performance, going above and beyond legal regulations. ABICON's ultimate objective is to develop concepts that are economically sustainable and improve regional value creation. Whatever the process, our team sees itself as a moderator between government authorities, landowners, energy suppliers, councils, citizens and investors. In this context, nature conservation and renewable energies are not in opposition, but go hand in hand

Since 2015, ABICON GmbH and its shareholder GP JOULE have formed a strategic partnership for the best possible implementation of existing projects and for overcoming future challenges. A steadily growing and ambitious team of agricultural engineers, geographers and environmental specialists are working together on implementing the ABICON vision: the continuous development of renewable energies for a cleaner environment.

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