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As part of a new and sustainable inspection service, Aero Enterprise is using aerial robots to inspect onshore and offshore wind turbines as well as industrial facilities, dams and bridges. All high-resolution image data of the inspected objects are recorded by the use of the self-developed flight robot “AERO-SensorCopter”, which is specially designed to perform under harsh offshore weather and wind conditions.

The AERO-Software Package offers the opportunity to analyse, qualify, classify all acquired data as well as to generate reports. Respective anomalies can be recognized in their exact geo-location and position. The anomalies can be quantified in area and length and classified according to standardized classes and types.

The result is an automated generated, complete and transparent IT-based report. This generated status report reflects the inspected object comprehensively. In order to meet the specific needs of our customers the inspection results can be automatically generated as a PDF report, but also as individual information or bundled in various file formats. These files can be transferred into the interface of the customer's ERP-systems.

The new artificial intelligence feature developed by Aero Enterprise supports automatic detection of anomalies. For this purpose, the program is continuously fed with already recorded data of anomalies. Based on this input data, the program independently recognizes similar errors by use of different algorithms (machine learning). This, speeds up the manual analysis process many times over.

Why choose Aero Enterprise?

  • Standardized and digitized data quality
  • Strong wind stability of the AERO-SensorCopter (up to 15m/s max.)
  • Efficient damage assessment
  • Cost reduction
  • Health & safety protection
  • Predictive maintenance

Aero Enterprise offers a full-service package for the airborne inspection of on- and offshore wind turbines by the use of the self-developed hardware AERO-SensorCopter and the AERO-Software Package.

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